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Revelation II - Alkaline water ionizer

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Revelation II - Alkaline water ionizer

│ Features of Revelation II │

Acquirement of medical equipment item permission from Korea FDA
Alkaline water generation of pH 9.5 is helpful in improving major stomach troubles such as chronic diarrhea, indigestion, and abnormal fermentation

SMPS Power Supply Method
Provision of stable power with the CPU chip precisely controlling the amount of power supplied to each component Maintenance of constant pH/ORP regardless of the water flow amount and speed due to the use of constant-current and constant-voltage controlling method

Introduction of electrolytic cell with the use of mesh-type electrode
Use of the titanium electrode coated with platinum that is stable in performance and safe to use.
Use of the mesh-type electrode that performs a more minute electrolysis on water molecules, improved ionizing function and expansion of equipment life expectancy
Lifespan of electrolytic cell: 10 years based on the assumption of using it for 20 minutes(approx. 50 liters) a day
Basic electrolytic cell – comprised of five pieces of mesh-type electrode (able to add additional electrodes with the electrolytic cell layered structure)

Diverse Design Patterns and Colors Available
Agile and rapid response to the change in customer requirements and design trends
Able to replace a used product for a certain amount of time with a brand new one through the replacement of a front panel only

Soft Touch Method
Easy control with a soft touch of a high-sensitivity touch button
Excellent durability as it is not affected by a wet hand or humidity

Large LCD Screen
Easy to identify the pH/ORP and operating status through a large LCD screen
LCD backlighting: the background color is changing according to the different pH on each stepwise configuration
(Differentiation of alkaline water from acid and purified water by having the color same as that of the pH reagent)
LCD mood lighting: Effect of a soft glow of interior light with the LCD backlight turned on

ARS Service
Automatic response service for each function
Audible warning and alarm for safety purpose and ease of use
Multiple language selection available (Three basic languages : Korean, English, Chinese, Italian)

Automatic Cleaning
Upon operation of the equipment, cleaning is performed, eliminating inconvenience of user waiting
Able to control the cleaning period according to the use condition (10 liter~100 liter)
A complete drain of water generated within the equipment after use

pH Control
Configuration of ionic water into four-step alkaline, four-step acid water, or one-step purified water according to your body constitution and use purpose.
Able to control pH according to the quality of original water (16 steps in total)
A minute control of pH available in each step (19 minute steps in each step each, 76 steps in total)
Automatic control of pH according to the amount of ionic water generated (water flow amount and speed)

2 step filter system
Enhanced purification capability with the use of large capacity quality filter
Certified safety and functionality with the use of FDA/NSF certificated materials
Guaranteed product quality and after-sales services based on years of filter manufacturing experience and know-how

Filter Memory
The filter use amount is loaded on the memory chip which notifies the filter replacement period and the operation is halted if a filter is overused

│ Spec. of Revelation II │



Model Name

Revelaion II

Rated Power Supply

AC 100 ~ 120V / 50 - 60 Hz or AC 200 ~ 240V / 50  ~  60 Hz

Water Supply Method

Direct connection to tap water



340*340*150 (H×W×D)m/m


Approx. 5.9kg

Allowable water pressure

1.5~5.0 kgf/cm2

Allowable Temperature

5 ~ 40 °C




Continuous Electrolysis

Generating Capacity

1.1 ~3.5 liter /min.



Alkaline water: 4 step / Acid water: 4 step



Automatic cleaning(cleaning time: approx. 30 seconds)


9 Plate Platinum/Titanium


Filter replacement

Cartridge type (pair type)

Filter lifetime

First-phase filter: 4,000 liter, Second-phase filter: 8,000 liter

Lifetime indication

Letter indication on LCD